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Mollosil Plus® - Cold Cure

Mollosil Plus® - Cold Cure

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Permanent, cold curing, soft relining material for chairside use, A-silicone based.

Mollosil Plus has been especially developed for a chairside use, but it is also recommended for the indirect relining procedure in the dental laboratory. No heat curing is required. The material is directly applied onto the denture base. It sets quickly without any heat reaction.

Mollosil Plus is a highly suitable permanently elastic material for long-term relinings. Due to its new innovative adhesive, cold curing Mollosil Plus excels in inseparable bonding to the acrylic base.

One step, cold curing, long term resilient lining material.

Fast and easy fabrication of permanently soft relinings, chairside or indirectly in the dental laboratory.

Absoultely firm adhesion to any denture acrylic because of its excellent adhesive.

Long-term wearing comfort will not swell.

Biocompatible, tasteless and odorless. Does not discolor.


To avoid and to relieve pressure areas in the upper and lower denture.

Post-damming of the A-line.

Elastic cover for dentures in the upper jaw.

Cushioning of implants and as overdentures during the process of healing in the field of implantology.


Standard pack:

  • 50 ml Mollosil Plus cartridge
  • 5 ml Mollosil Plus adhesion
  • 5 ml Mollosil Plus adhesion
  • 2 x 7 ml Mollosil Plus glaze
  • 7 mixing cannulas
  • 1 Grinding sleeve

All Parts also sold seperately.

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Mollosil Plus Base & Catalyst SDS
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Mollosil Plus Primer SDS

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