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Emery Powder

Emery Powder

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  • Faster Polishing - Less time at the polishing wheel means lower labor cost and greater profit margin.
  • Long Lasting - Truly cost effective for dentists and dental labs.
  • Odorless - Contains no organics to support odor causing bacteria.
  • Consistent - Excellent results every time, even on difficult materials.

Requires no additional learning curve since the procedure and equipment are the same as used with pumice.

ProtechTM Emery Powder is all natural and friendly to the environment. Use for polishing dentures, partials, provisional bridges and any other resin prostbesis.

11.25Kg. EPR12 $94.95
22.50Kg. EPR13 $162.95
45Kg. EPR14 $283.95
90Kg. EPR15 $496.95

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Emery Powder SDS

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